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[sticky post] Sticky Post of Where-To-Find-Me

Way too many for a Masterlist - go to my website at Spiral Into Diana's Fiction
Archive of Our Own - My archived stories

Downloadable vids and DVDs - My Video Site
Youtube site - My uploaded vids (more coming)
Vimeo streaming site - these are locked with the password "myvids" but you can find them tagged here

My tumblr name is dkwilliams

Personal Update and New Stories

As I am not updating here, this is a link to my new post on Dreamwidth.

New post on Dreamwidth

Not actively posting over here, but I know that some of my friends are still on LJ.  So if you are interested in my latest musings, check out my post over here


Because there’s a party on the Cammo estate today. And how appropriate, with all the bees.  Sherlock would be so pleased.

Wish I was there -

 Okay, it might seem like a bizarre question, but a plot point on a story  that I'm in the editing process on hinges on this. (Right now at this  point in the story it says "blah blah blah yacht technical info")  And I  just don't think that will work.

So this is the situation:  A story that takes place in about 1794-95, and the two main characters each have personal yachts.

One  yacht should be British in make, and it should be fast while requiring a  smallish crew.  It won't need armament but it does need space for  illegal cargo.  It should be the type of yacht that an English gentleman  might reasonably own for swanning over to Paris.

The second  yacht should also be small but doesn't need to be as fast but it will  need some armament - a couple of cannons and hull protection - as it is  used to ferry diplomatic personnel.  The tricky part of this one is that  the owner is a Catholic German so it does limit where the ship might be  built - obviously not  Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, or Prussia, and  probably not France because they'd just invaded the Rhine area. 

I've  been able to find a lot of information about war ships and pirate  ships, but nothing on a smaller scale, and nothing before the mid-19th  century.  Even a link to someplace where I can post these questions  would be great.


LJ 18th anniversary

And this is why I am reluctant to leave LJ.....

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

In regard to the new TOS on LJ...

... I will no longer be posting fiction on this journal.  I rarely do that anyways, and you can always find my stories at Ao3 - I use the same name there and the direct link is here:  http://archiveofourown.org/users/dkwilliams/works

I also have a Dreamwidth account that I crossposted all my LJ content to back when the warning signs were pointing in that direction.  I use the same name there, but if you have trouble finding me I am at:  http://dkwilliams.dreamwidth.org/

I will probably go back through my previous posts and delete my stories, but I will replace the content with a link to the story elsewhere.  I also have a website at http://diana.slashcity.com which has links to all of my stories, as well as my vids.  It will be a while before that gets done as I am trying to finish up some stories to post.

I am still trying to navigate Dreamwidth and find my communities, and I will probably continue this LJ while it is free for two reasons - so no one can use my name for other purposes and as a redirect to my deleted content.

And as to questions of "why so quiet lately?" - RL has been really, really busy with work and with family.  I am hoping to have some quiet time over the next few months to get a few chapters polished and posted, then start on my next story.  And vids!  I have a couple that I am really excited about but I need the time to work on them.

Hope that everyone else is okay as we adjust to our new reality here on LJ.
So the holiday reveals have happened, and I wrote a story each for the Yuletide Treasures and the Highlander Holiday Shortcuts fests.  Now there is just the Festivds one, which I always enjoy.

Links to my stories:

"An Unexpected Gathering" - Methos is enjoying his quiet life - until he gets an unexpected visit. (Sort of a Hobbit parody, too)

"A Lack of Persuasion" - After Captain Wentworth receives his next posting, Anne receives a lot of advice from friends and family. (Persuasion by Jane Austen)

And I am still working on finishing the side-stories in the Watson's Folly universe, as well as a couple of other old & new projects.  Just need work to slow down for a bit!

Sherlock - Honest trailer review!

How have I missed this?  It's been posted for 10 days and I haven't seen a link to it, until today on I Hear of Sherlock's site.

Honest Trailer's review of Sherlock BBC

Hysterically funny and so, so true!  Go watch and tell your friends.

Mood: Numb and Perplexed

I am, quite frankly, bewildered by my fellow Americans and have no idea what I will say to my relatives in Wisconsin when we next talk (and yes, they are rural folks who voted for Trump).  I imagine that what I feel is similar to what those who voted against Brexit felt, but that is only a guess.

And as for the mood around here right now, well, I think that Stephen Colbert said it best:
"Seeing this election, people all around the world...everybody's going to be saying, "Has America lost its mind"' And the answer is, evidently, 'Back off buddy, we got 300 million guns, and we're knda stressed right now."